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Shantou Chenghai Yibao Plastic Toys Factory

Yibao Toys Factory is based on the world of baby from six months to eight years old. It pays attention to the coordinated development of the sensory system of vision, hearing and tentacles in the baby world, the cultivation of various abilities, the development of potential, and the interaction between parents and children. A series of products in the "Yibao Kingdom".
       There is a wonderful "Ben Le" world in the "Yibao Kingdom", which has countless magical elves. Oh, "Ben Le" is the "Yibao Kingdom" that leads Wanjiabao to happiness.

Company Name: Shantou Chenghai Yibao Plastic Toys Factory Company Type: Soho (Manufacturer)
Area: Guangdong/China(Mainland) Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2018

Validated:   Company Profilethrough the
Business Type: Manufacturer
Business Scope: Inertia Toys,Wind-up Toys
Business: Baby Toys     Electronic Toys     Musical Toys    
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