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Dongguan Wing Fai Foam Products co.,ltd.


To the various regions of the country agents Dongguan Yonghui light rubber products Co. Ltd. is Hongkong EVA industry pioneer, in 1975 successfully created Hongkong's first engaged in EVA products of the Professional Company, which has a history of thirty years. The company mainly produces EVA toys, gifts, gifts, stationery, school equipment, arts and crafts, footwear, bags, hats and masks, three-dimensional heat transfer products and other EVA materials, design and production services and can provide one-stop according to customer requirements. Products are mainly exported to Europe, Japan and other countries, American. In the increasingly fierce market competition in the toy and gift industry, our products rely on the excellent quality, novel technological talent showing itself in the industry. The company since its establishment, continue to provide satisfactory products for customers, is our constant pursuit, wepraise by customers with first-class product quality and the exquisite technical service, and established the significant status in the EVA industry.Operated by the company's EVA product environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, and material colorful eye-catching, applicable agerange, from infant to adult are applicable, use widely. Company production base is located in Chinese Dongguan national highway, the transportation is convenient. Plant covers an area of 20000 square meters, a beautiful environment. More than 500 employees, including engineering, productdevelopment, large control team. The factory has a large number of advanced machinery and equipment and a separate laboratory to ensure the safety and high quality of the products. The company has a soundmechanism, was awarded the "ICTI certification", "ISO9001-2000", "export toy quality and safety license", "terrorism" and become Disney certificationand so on, approved manufacturers R941-3646-9, and "Target", "ACCO","JAKKS", "Wal-mart", "LEGO Lego" etc. the company formed a good andstable relations of cooperation. We have excellent technology and quality team, strict manufacturing process, in order to provide better service for our customers. We are interested in from all sides of the assembly from Accton,work together to create wealth win-win products and the most enthusiastic service.

Contact QQ:604718562/18998059079

Company Name: Dongguan Wing Fai Foam Products co.,ltd. Company Type: Company (Manufacturer)
Area: Guangdong/China(Mainland) Company Size:
Registered Capital: 500 Thousands USD Registered Year: 1989

Validated:    Company Profilethrough the
Business Type: Manufacturer
Business Scope: Educational toys|EVA toys|bath toys|COSPLAY toys
Sell Goods: Educational toys|EVA toys|bath toys|COSPLAY toys
Buy Goods: Educational toys|EVA toys|bath toys|COSPLAY toys
Business: Educational and Intelligent Toys     Musical Toys     Weapons Toys    
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