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Zilkha Children products Co.,Ltd.


Zhongshan Zilkha Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Company Profile

Zhongshan Zilkha Plastic Products Co., Ltd is an industrial enterprise that belongs to the Lan Ju Group. It was set up on April 26, 2003 located in the city of Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. Our factory is expert in making baby products like car seats, strollers, cradles, carriers, beds, blankets etc. It is located on a 20,000 square meter lot and has 1000 staff. We are equipped with advanced machineries, with a good production environment and handled by a group of professionals.
Zilkha, is an organization with a strong sense of social responsibility, that implements SA8000 social security system and ISO quality management system.
These two certificates, had been secured on the same year it was set up, in order to meet the world trade needs and to raise the expectation of our customers. We also enhance our competitiveness in the international market by strengthening the management standard by increasing our quality guaranteed ability.
Zilkha’s worldwide overseas markets had already reach to Germany, Spain, Netherlands, England, Canada, United States, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong etc..
Our product like the Baby stroller series is trendy and functional. There are three reclining positions and a dual brake system. The Cradle has various decorative designs, which includes intelligent toys, music box and remote control devices. Carriers, shoulder bags, brand new backrests and co-sleepers are lovingly designed for comfortable & practical use.
Our technical department design & standard were combined with the intelligence of a group of experienced engineers and technicians suitable for the industry. We are also on European safety standard, and can develop new items according to the customer’s concepts and requests. 
The Quality Control testing laboratory, has advance testing instruments and machineries that can carry out various testing like safety, reliability, endurance, color fastness, flammability and salt spray test.
Our structure consists of six production department, Metal, Molding, Injection, Sewing, Painting and Assembly, there are also four complementary departments: Quality Control, Purchasing, Warehouse and Export; we have one Product development department and (3) three management departments which are, Production, Administrative and Finance.
We have a self-sufficient production line supported with in house hardware processing, painting, injection, sewing, assembly, testing workshops and well-trained workers. We can even design our own plastic and metal molding, besides creating and complying on our customers’ requests.  
1/ Stamping Department: We have a lot of advanced bending and punching for metal processing.
2/ Painting production lines are closed operated for various powder coating. We were environmentally friendly and non-polluted; this is per environmental safety ordinance.
3/ Sewing production lines are equipped with air conditioning, computer cutter and needle detector.
All the software had undergone this detector examination, for the assembly had to ensure the safety of the product before proceeding.
4/ Assembly production lines are also equipped with air conditioning. With clean environment, well-organized mass production line and on-line quality control system, making sure all our products are under control, from design, development, and packing to delivery.
5/ Injection and Molding departments equipped with various electrical sparkling machines and injection machines from 8ozs to 40ozs, we can also produce dual colors or multi colors of plastic items and moldings.
6/ Warehouse capacities, takes 4000 square meters, large enough for 120 container materials to be stored.
Zilkha has grown up rapidly by having been able to develop and export five main categories for more than forty types of various items for baby products in only a few years.
Our policy was to be well organized internally on the first year, play an active role in the industry the coming year, create hundred million turn over the third year and be one of the most well known and successful suppliers in the fifth year and succeeding years.
Our objective is: Quality comes first and business reputation above all.
With our scientific and standardized management, we enhance the enterprise culture of people, oriented in unity, commitment, realistic and renovation. We had also build up the management concept of caring every babies/children in the world. By keeping the pace on the development trend of the industry and developing high quality brand new designs with the support of worldwide customers.
Our company had always devoted ourselves to provide a safe, comfortable, creative and high quality baby products and services.
Zilkha is now back, ready for another great shot!

Company Name: Zilkha Children products Co.,Ltd. Company Type: Company (Manufacturer)
Area: Guangdong/China(Mainland) Company Size: 100-499人
Registered Capital: 10000 Thousands USD Registered Year: 2003

Business Type: Manufacturer
Business Scope: Europe, Middle East, southeast Asia ,USA
Sell Goods: baby stoller,high chiar,baby rocker,baby cradle etc
Buy Goods: Carseat
Business: Ride-on Cars & Strollers     Sport Toys    
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