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Guangdong Baiyan Toys Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Baiyan Toys Technology Co., Ltd. distributes the best-selling consumer market and enjoys a higher position among consumers. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and agents. Guangdong Baiyan Toys Technology Co., Ltd. can proivide a wide range of products and reasonable prices for our customers. The strength of the compamy is powerful, which guarantees our products' quality. We emphasize the credit, contract and quality. The principle of company is to offer multi-species goods and to obtain small profits. The mode of mixed wholesale gives our retailers the largerst multi-style sale.

Company Name: Guangdong Baiyan Toys Technology Co.,Ltd Company Type: Company (Manufacturer,Trading)
Area: China(Mainland) Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2016

Validated:   Company Profilethrough the
Business Type: Manufacturer,Trading
Business Scope: Educational and Intelligent Toys, Household Toys, Military Toys etc.
Business: Baby Toys     Educational and Intelligent Toys     Household Toys     Military Toys     Musical Toys     Summer Toys    
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