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Company Information
 We help global buyers to find high quality toys and meet reliable suppliers from China!
ChinaToyTrade.com, sponsored by Guangdong Toy Association (GDTA), is a professional B2B website for global toy trade. It is dedicated to help international buyers to find high quality toys and to meet reliable suppliers from China. 
As an industrial association located in Guangdong, the world’s toy production hub, GDTA has numerous member companies, owns and operates Guangzhou Int’l Toy and Hobby Fair, which is held in every April. And ctoy.com.cn, one of GDTA’s services, was established 16 years ago and now is a leading toy trade B2B website in China. Thanks to the database built by Guangzhou Int’l Toy and Hobby Fair and ctoy.com.cn, ChinaToyTrade.com has its unique advantage in providing product information and purchasing services for global buyers.
ChinaToyTrade.com features databases of latest products and suppliers, which buyers are mostly interested in. Officially verified, all entries are true, accurate and timely. In addition, we provide convenient services and free assistance to meet your need instantly. 
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