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Iranian buyer wants to purchase educational toys

Area: Iran
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2014-04-11 17:29
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We are a game trader in Iran who produces, imports and sells many types of mental/ educational games.
We have an extremely extended local network of connections for producing, marketing, education and after sale system since we are no 1 in this field here in Iran.
We export and re export our own products and imported products to our neighbors, Iraq, Armenia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey.
This year the board of directors has decided to send more than 50 new products to the market, it means we need more products and suppliers.
So we have started to choose some suppliers specially foreign ones.

Our strategy is to importing some new products which meet below categories:
1- Wooden educational puzzles and Wooden 3d puzzles
2- Magnet educational puzzles and Magnet Balls
3- Rubik cubes and Magic cubes
4- Educational toys for kids under 5 and under 3 years old
5- Board educational games
6- Foam assembling toys and Foam 3d puzzles
7- Lego style puzzle blocks and Building blocks bricks
8- Disassembling 3d plastic puzzles
9- Chemical,electrical, bio&nbsp;or&nbsp;mechanical kits
10- Metal Disassembled toys

If you are also interested to work with Iranian customer, we would like to have a meeting with you and verify your abilities and quality.
Therefore you are welcome for a win-win offer and we looking forward to here from your side soon.


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