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btp-1093003 Baby fitness frame multifunctional fitness frame with music and light

Item No.: btp-1093003
FOB Price: Negotiable
Product Tag: Baby fitness frame    photo frames    picture frames       
Supplier: Amax Industrial Group China Co., Ltd.
Updated on: 2019-01-23 07:05
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  • Company:Amax Industrial Group China Co., Ltd.
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Baby fitness frame
1.Lovely exterior, bright colors;
2.Innovative design and structure;
3.Simple installation;

Baby fitness frame

Product package: color box

Box size: 59*11*41cm

Product material: plastics, electronic components

Using age: 3-month and up

Product description:

This is a fitness frame designed for those babies more than 3 months old. It uses high-quality materials, non-toxic, colorful, fashionable and multifunctional. The hanging ornaments are very lovely and attractive. Besides, the silvery ringtone, beautiful music and bright colors can improve babies hearing sense and visual sense abilities. More importantly, the fitness frame is a good assistant to help babies practice standing and walking.

Product features:

Lovely exterior, bright colors; Innovative design and structure; Simple installation; Multiple functions.

Product functions:

1. Improve baby’s motor skill;

2. Improve baby’s hand-eye coordination ability.

3. Stimulate baby’s sensory organ perception;

4. Inspire baby’s imagination.

Notice: This product 'btp-1093003 Baby fitness frame multifunctional fitness frame with music and light' is supplied by Amax Industrial Group China Co., Ltd.,welcome to contact for more information.we'll give you a good price.
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