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e-book,Islamic e-Book,7 inch e-book ,TFT EBOOK S-EL1000

Item No.: S-EL1000
FOB Price: Negotiable
Product Tag: e-book    rock chip e-book    android 2.2 e-book       
Supplier: Shenzhen Seastar Technology Co., Ltd.
Updated on: 2020-02-21 07:17
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  • Company:Shenzhen Seastar Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Area: Guangdong China(Mainland)
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e-book ,7 inch TFT LCD,e-book ,Islamic e-Book
with speaker, mp3,mp4 function,muilt-language
with 2GB SD Card
best price

e-book ,Islamic e-Book,7 inch e-book ,TFT EBOOK S-EL1000.it is an incredibly sophisticated e-book reader.our product is a type of multi-function e-book product .Below is the details about this product,pls have a look:

Islamic e-Book Product Features:


- Touch Screen
- 7" TFT LCD
- 64K Color display
- 800 X 480 pixels resolution
- Built-in Speakers
- 64MB RAM support
- With 2GB SD Card
- Replaceable & Rechargeable Nokia Battery

Net Wieght:0.9 Kg (complete pack)
Carton Wt:10 Kg (10 pcs/carton)
Carton Size:42.2 x 41.7 x 28.8 cm

- Complete Holy Quran in voices of 5 famous Reciters namely:
* Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
* Sheikh Mahir Al-Moaqeli
* Sheihk Saad Al-Ghamidi
* Sheikh Ali bin Abdul Rahman Al Hudhaify
* Sheikh Muhammad Ayoub

- Last Para/Juz recited by 10 famous reciters.
- Complete Holy Quran in 6 beautiful fonts
- Multiple Ayahs can be read on one Page like book with audio
- Prayer Time and Qibla Direction for major cities of the world.
- 34 Fonts in different styles and Sizes

- Tafseer, Hadeeth, History & other Islamic Books:
* Tafseer Ibne Katheer (Arabic)
* Tafseer Ibne Katheer (English)
* Tafseer Ibne Katheer (Urdu)
* Tafseer Al-Jalalain (Arabic)
* Tafseer Al-Jalalain (Indonesian)
* Tafseer Al-Qurtabi (Arabic)
* Tafseer Al-Tabari (Arabic)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Arabic)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (English)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Indonesian)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Urdu)
* Saheeh Muslim (Arabic)
* Saheeh Muslim (Urdu)
* Riad-as-Salheen (Arabic)
* Riad-as-Salheen (English)
* Riad-as-Salheen (French)
* Sunnen Ibne Majja (Arabic)
* Sunnen Nissaie (Arabic)
* Sunnen Abu Dowood (Arabic)
* Sunnen Tirmizi (Arabic)
* Arabaeen Nawawi (Arabic)
* Arabaeen Nawawi (English)
* Hadeth Qudsi (Arabic)
* Qasas-ul-Anbia (Arabic)
* Al-Kabaer (Arabic)
* Al-Rahiq Al-Makhtum (Arabic)
* Belugh elmaram
* Hisn-ul-Muslim (Arabic)
* Hisn-ul-Muslim (English)
* Ahakm Al-Tajweed

- Quran Translation in 24 Languages
Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hausa, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Malaysian, Persian, Polish, Purtuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Thai, Transliteration, Turkish, Urdu

Notice: This product 'e-book,Islamic e-Book,7 inch e-book ,TFT EBOOK S-EL1000' is supplied by Shenzhen Seastar Technology Co., Ltd.,welcome to contact for more information.we'll give you a good price.
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