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12v200ah storage car battery ups battery power supply

Item No.: 6FM200E
FOB Price: USD 73.00/Piece
Product Tag: alternator    automobile relay    speakers and loudspeaker       
Supplier: Foshan Baykee New Energy Technology Incorporated Company (Shenzhen Branch)
Updated on: 2019-12-10 17:25
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car battery ups battery power supply
1.12v7Ah to 12v250Ah
2.less self-discharge,completely sealed
3.Long service lifetime

12v200ah storage car battery ups battery power supply

Maintenance free acid lead battery from 12v7ah to 12v250ah,

application machine range:

UPS/uninterrupted power supply,inverter,fire prevention and security system,

emergency illumination system,communications equipment,

electircal power system,the power station switch controller,

telephone and communication equipments,motorcycle.power tools,

solar energy system,marine equipments,environmental protection type motor car,etc.

General featureabout the lead-acid battery( be applicable to FM, GFM, SW series)
1. Absorbent Glass Mat(AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding

The unique sealing technique design guarantees that no leakage occur from the battery, and the safety valve can keep exterior air and dust from getting into the inner of the battery;
2. Maintenance-free:

because of the unique sealing design, will last the service life.

3. Safety and reliability:

no leakage, reliable safety valve make sure the battery more safe and reliable;
4. Long-time service life:

due to selection of lead calcium alloy for grid metal, the anti-corrosion ABS material and the good sealed technique to ensure the long life of battery
5. High quality:
1) High energy and energy density, low internal resistance and high output power;
2) Excellent charge and discharge characteristics, the self-discharge below 2% every month at 20°C;

3) Good recovery, if deep discharge or something happened to the charger, then short circuit then placed for 30 days, can also recovery capacity by using equalization charge;

4) Because of the good consistency of the internal resistance, capacity and float voltage, it is no need to use equalization charge during float charge.

6. Wide range of temperature tolerance:

can work normally at temperature between -30°C and 50 °C;
7. Easy to use and transport:

If charged, there is no liquid also can withstand the battery in any position, and will meet all requirement of sea and land transport;
8. Economic:

The battery with high quality, extra-long life time and the lowest cost of maintenance more economic and utility.

The discharge of the battery
1. the discharge termination: The battery should not placed till below the end voltage, otherwise, the over discharge would occur and the repeated over discharge would cause the failure of battery recovery. In order to keep the best work efficiency and the longest life time, discharge should be at 0.05c to 3c..

2. the discharge capacity:
1) the relationship between the battery discharge capacity and discharge current: Diagram1 for the FM, GFM, JMF series with the capacity at the different discharge rate, see from the diagram, the more the discharge current, the lower of the capacity discharge.

2)Temperature effects: the temperature also affect the battery capacity, the low temperature (below - 15 °C /5 °F) will lower the valid capacity, and the high temperature(over 50 °C /122 °F) also damage the battery.(such as figure Two show)

Three, charge method for FM, GFM, JMF series
1. Float Charge (limit voltage, control current):

Float voltage at 2.25 V ~ 2.30 V/cell, the max. discharge current not more than 0.25C10s, and adjust the current below 2 mA/AH.(25 °C ).(please refer to figure 3)
2. Charge method for cycle:

(charging stop,after discharge then charge again) charging voltage is 2.4 V/cell, the max. charge current not more than 0.25 C10s.(shown in figure 4)
3. Temperature compensation :

The chemical reaction change along with the temperature change.

Battery working at 5 ~ 35 °C no need temp compensation, , be temperature is low then 5 °C perhaps high then 35 °C , to prevent from to the battery lead the owe perhaps, suggesting to make appropriate adjustment towards charge voltage, adjusting standard float is-3 mv/ °C /cell, circulation usage for-4 mv/ °C /cell(the temperature take 25 °C as basis), (please refer to figure 5).

The battery lifetime
1. The main factors which affect the battery lifetime:
Repeated deeply discharge( especially deeply discharge without fully charge)
The working temperature is too high
Over charge( especially the flow type charge)
Over charge current storage for a long time when fully charged(especially under the high temperature)
2. The service life for cycle used:
it is the one cycle when the battery charge and discharge, the cycle used life (circulation times) is related to the depth of discharge, the battery working temperature and the charging method.(refer to figure 6)

3. The lifetime for floating charge:
the charge and discharge voltage both affect the floating life, also including the battery working temperature, figure 7 for the FM, GFM series, figure 8 for the JMF series.

Keeping capacity
1. Self-discharge:
1)it is unavoidable that the battery capacity will decrease if storage for a long time. Even the battery haven't used, because of battery inner chemistry and electricity chemical reaction which cause the battery self-discharge. The reasons for BAYKEE battery self-discharge as following:

Chemistry factor: In spite of is the positive AGM (PbO2) or negative AGM (Pb) etc activate material, all need through decompose or respond( electrolyte) with sulfuric acid gradually, and change a more stable sulfuric acid lead, this process is to turn on electricity by oneself.
Give or get an electric shock a chemistry factor: Because impurity material of existence, battery would because of the inner part become partial electric circuit or with two pole the occurrence oxidize a revivification reaction but result in to turn on electricity by oneself.
The BAYKEE battery electrolyte because of low content of impurity, so as to keep , this comes from battery of super and strong keep characteristic. It is from turning on electricity a characteristic, showing on figure 9 .

2) battery from turning on electricity speed and storage temperature also have a close relation, please pay respects to figure 10.
2. pass to open a new road electric voltage can judge the surplus capacity of battery, figure 11 for the surplus capacity of the battery with open a new road the relation curve diagram of of electric voltage:
The battery storage

The battery should be stored with the low temperature, aridity, cleaning place, avoid a hot source, the sunlight keeps shooting. The battery should be full charged storage. And you had better charge it every 3-6 months in normal temperature..
The battery should be charged when drain out, do not deposit it without charge;
The battery should be charged immediately when stored for a long time, until the battery recovers the original level;
If the capacity only 40% of the rating capacity or below this, (open voltage is below 6.3 V/12.63 V at 25 °C)should recovery the capacity by equalize charging method;
it can be stored for a longer time with low temperature, for example it can be stored for more than 12 months without humidity, sunshine and stored at 15 °C.


Positive plate

Negative plate



Safety valve




Raw material

Lead dioxide







Sulfuric acid

Maintenance and usage

1. Periodical (at least each three months once) check, it need to replace if some thing happened as below:.
a. the abnormal voltage
b. Any physics influence (bump or the shell distortion)
c. Any electrolyte leaks
d. Any abnormal fever
2. When the battery used for fire alarm device, should check the fire alarm according to the standard check.
Forbid to dismantle the battery at will, if the container is broken, and contact the sulfuric acid, please flush with clear water, or to see the doctor if necessary.
Please make sure the correct connect, avoid the short circuit when use some batteries in the group.

Notice: This product '12v200ah storage car battery ups battery power supply' is supplied by Foshan Baykee New Energy Technology Incorporated Company (Shenzhen Branch),welcome to contact for more information.we'll give you a good price.
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