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new toys for christmas 2013

Item No.: I9-100
FOB Price: USD 14.00/Piece
Product Tag: new toys for christmas 2013    2013 new toys    children toys       
Supplier: Shanghai Teana Technology Co., Ltd.
Updated on: 2019-12-08 23:41
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new toys for christmas 2013
1,for karaoke singing and recording
2,MOQ 1pcs
3,innovative music gift
4,pass CE,ROHS

new kids toys for 2012 teana Novelty toys

new toys for christmas 2013

KTV effect
Two-channel stereo headphones, a stunning KTV live-sound, can clearly identify K song rhythm and pitch
Echo Reverb
Powerful echo sound, can then adjust the echo length
Channel switching
Kara OK to support left and right channels of stereo audio switch, singing lead vocals to the song or accompaniment patterns
Mai sound adjustment
Promise wheat volume adjustment, can be adjusted to your satisfaction the voice effect


USB data cable distribution for charging, it will save your more time and money
Together with demolition
Love by the intelligent player I9 wheat, stereo headphones, USB charger, audio line form, you can freely use and combination of split (it can be connected to the computer speakers for singing)


1 to be connected before using the audio playback device (such as computers, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, MP5) into the required three-dimensional audio karaoke OK song accompaniment format music files or pure
2 I9 3.5mm audio cable plugs into the audio playback device input port, the other side of the microphone charging port access
3 3.5MM headphone plug into the microphone's audio output port
4 Turn on the microphone power switch, blue light, adjust the sound and echo reverb sound wheat
5 Open the player can switch the music channel K song.

Charging Instructions

A computer turned on, the USB interface to connect to a computer will be able to charge for the microphone until the red battery indicator light turns off by the state, charging the end
2 can be equipped with a microphone DC5V cable charger to charge
3 for the first time use, charge 8 hours
4 When used properly, can be 2-3 hours per charge.



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