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Electronic musical mushroom,electric music party toys

Item No.: Q1
FOB Price: USD 11.50/15
Min.Order: 1000 15
Product Tag: music mushroom    electronic musical mushroom    electric music toys    music party toys   
Supplier: Dongguan ZOKE Education Electronic Co.,Ltd
Updated on: 2015-05-22 09:14
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Electronic musical mushroom,electric music party toys

Children Colorful Light Dynamic Stage Design

Built-in motor roll, color hemisphere’s surface ,the LED reflect back the light source,shoot at the mushroom,reach at action stage light effect.Small room ,big big world.

USB Voice box
Connect computer with USB line,story machine gorgeous turned into a lovely high quality cartoon computer voice box,but it could along with the body to experience different joy.
Safe Children lock
The baby fills with curiosity,but wrong operation will bring unnecessary trouble.Safe children lock may lock all keys temporarily,not effect the story machine normal work, recover only need simple unlock.
Breakpoint Memory
When playing the contents,at the time of reboot or switch the play contents,all go on last play contents and begin to play, avoid to boot up every time or switch playing contents from the first content to start.
 Keys operation, voice broadcast
Starting up state,when press the operation key,the system will make a correct voice tips,the operation become more easily.
Low capacity tips
When the battery voltage under 3.5V,hint” Capacity is low,please charge in time”,the capacity is too low that auto power-off to protect the battery’s lifetime.
Support TF card ,expand funtion
User could expand 1G-32G memory card according to needness,put into the corresponding contents to play.
Touch and press key function
 Interact Function
Sound modes/Mose attack modes/horse race lamp mode/Guess lantern mode
Sound mode: Short press the corresponding touch correspond point at the light S1,at the same time give out corresponding sound,long press touch point(A3/A4/A6) switch the sound as the picture show,power on default to A3 beat a drum sound mode.
Mose attack mode: Long press the touch point A5 into the game, hit on the lighted indicator for the correct, hit or not,there is a tip: There are four levels. Lights interval flash for 2 seconds, 1.5 seconds, 1 seconds, 0.5 seconds respectively.Every two minutes automatically upgrade a level, after to the highest level, automatically return. This game can train children's hearing and reaction ability, improve the coordinating abilities of the human body’s every part.
Horse race lamp mode:
Long press the touch point- A1 to enter a game.Can touch at every touch point randomly,then the touched point’s LED will lighten (Automatically vanishing point after a second ).At the time ,the touch point will leave you the touch path. This game can promote children's speed and thinking creative ability .
Guess lantern mode: Long press the touch point-A2 to enter a game,each LED of the touch point ramdomly lighten,have questioning about the color of correspoding LED, no matter point at right or wrong,it also has a tip voice. This game let children realize the colors,to promote their reactivity.

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Dongguan ZOKE Education Electronic Co.,Ltd
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Notice: This product 'Electronic musical mushroom,electric music party toys' is supplied by Dongguan ZOKE Education Electronic Co.,Ltd,welcome to contact for more information.we'll give you a good price.
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